The Myths Surrounding Natural Acne Treatments

Have you heard of individuals using aloe vera or lemon for treating acne? There are a lot of natural acne treatments that you can use. Rose water, honey, cinnamon, yogurt, milk, the options are endless. But are natural acne treatment right for you? Let’s take a look at the common myths surrounding natural acne treatments.

Natural Acne Treatments are 100% Safe

There is no doubt that using natural acne treatments is one of the safest ways to treat acne, but that doesn’t mean that these treatments are 100% safe. Each individual is unique. Some may be able to treat their acne using natural acne treatments without experiencing some undesirable effects but others may experience some stinging and burning sensation. Others may even develop some kind of rash. Some may even develop a rash. If you are prone to allergies or if you have a very sensitive skin, you need to be very careful when treating acne. Natural acne treatments are safe for most individuals but may aggravate acne on sensitive skin.

Natural Acne Treatments are Not Effective

For extreme cases of acne, natural acne treatments may take time to work or not work at all. However for those with mild acne or those individuals that only suffer from occasional bumps, natural acne treatments can actually work when applied properly. Lemon when you leave it overnight as a spot treatment can significantly reduce the size of your zits. Apple cider vinegar is also effective.

Natural Acne Treatments are not Recommended by Dermatologists

When treating mild acne, most acne victims would not usually go to a dermatologist for treatment. Most individuals who seek the services of these skilled physicians are those who are having severe types of acne. However, that does not mean that dermatologist do not recommend natural acne treatments. As a matter of fact some dermatologist actually endorse natural acne treatments because it is safer and is highly effective for mild acne when applied properly.

Severe acne cases, such as cystic acne, should not be treated with natural acne treatments alone. This type of acne requires more attention and a specialized treatment. However, if you are suffering from mild acne, instead of using over the counter acne treatments, try using natural acne treatments first. It’ll save you time and money. You’ll never know. Natural acne treatments might be the answer to your acne problems.